Defending the Trial by Jury

Trial by Jury is Fundamental to our Democracy

Before I became a judge, I worked for four decades representing individuals in court, including trying many cases in front of juries. Over the years, I have remained a steadfast defender of the right to a trial by jury. Trial by jury is part of our constitutional fabric.

What happens when a jury trial verdict is appealed in Dallas, Kaufman, Collin, Grayson, Hunt or Rockwall counties? It goes to the Fifth District Court of Appeals.

Today, this court is 100% Republican, and it is known as one of the most conservative courts in Texas. Republican groups have led the charge against your right to a trial by jury. We have to bring balance back to our court system and this important appeals court.

Please remember to vote down ballot for Judge Ken Molberg for Justice. We have a chance to bring balance to the Court of Appeals for the first time in 20 years, and your vote really matters.

Here are links to voting information for the six counties.

Collin County

Dallas County

Grayson County

Hunt County

Rockwall County

Kaufman County


Judge Ken Molberg